At Texas Curb N’ Borders, we specialize in stamped concrete projects for homes and businesses. We use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to transform old and faded concrete surfaces into a variety of natural-looking finishes.

Stamped concrete, sometimes also called imprinted or textured concrete, replicates finishes such as slate, tile, brick, flagstone, and even wood. Stamped concrete is used for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entryways, courtyards, patios, and concrete floors, and it has emerged as a popular choice for both homeowners and business owners. Why? Because stamped concrete offers so many options for pattern and color choices. Price is another key factor. Stamped concrete almost always costs considerably less than most of the acceptable alternatives.



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1Why stamped concrete?
Stamped concrete from Texas Curb N Borders is an ideal choice for enhancing outdoor spaces in Texas. It offers a blend of durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, mimicking high-end materials like natural stone at a more affordable cost. Suited for various applications, including patios and driveways, it withstands the Texas climate with minimal maintenance. Additionally, stamped concrete boosts property value, offering a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking to elevate their outdoor areas with a personalized and stylish touch
2How do I choose a pattern or color?
With stamped concrete’s wide variety of possible design options, choosing your final pattern and colors can be a challenge. Take your time! You will want to be certain that those patterns and colors tastefully complement the other stone, tile, or concrete elements at your home or business. Consider that stamped concrete will endure for many years, so it is vital to select a design that complements your home or business – and that will remain attractive ten or twenty years from now.
3Will stamped concrete add value to my home or business?
Stamped concrete not only improves the look of your home or business – it increases the value! And adding to the value of stamped concrete is its natural strength and durability. Like plain concrete, stamped concrete serves for decades when properly installed and routinely maintained, even in the harshest climates and conditions.
4What is the cost of stamped concrete?
The cost of stamped concrete will depend on the size and complexity of the job. Custom coloring effects, such as hand-applied stain accents, will increase your costs. And while stamped concrete will probably exceed the price of plain concrete or asphalt, it often costs far less than natural stone and brick or precast pavers.