Sugar Land, TX Custom Concrete Resurfacing

Over the years, most concrete surfaces will inevitably crack, split, stain, and simply deteriorate. In the past, unsightly, cracked, and faded old concrete had to be removed and replaced to improve its appearance. Today, however, concrete resurfacing is a more popular and usually a more sensible alternative. Concrete resurfacing offers homeowners and business owners a variety of options for transforming that tired and dull concrete on your floor, patio, driveway, or deck into a splendid new decorative concrete surface. There’s no need to tote away that old concrete. Texas Curb n Borders can beautify your surroundings while saving you both time and money.

At Texas Curb n Borders, we specialize in turning old, discolored concrete surfaces into a wide variety of natural-looking finishes. We use cutting-edge materials and techniques to achieve stunning visual results for our clients, and we’ve emerged as the concrete experts that scores of Houston-area homeowners and business owners rely on and trust. Resurfacing all of your concrete with a polymer-modified surface dramatically improves its appearance, and you can select the colors and patterns from a wide array of options.

Sugar Land, TX Landscape Curbing

Transforming your home’s landscape – or the landscape of your business or any other property you own – can be as simple as adding a few special touches with borders and curbing. Texas Curb n Borders can help. Concrete curbs and borders are a professionally installed, permanent, and attractive solution for any landscape. Concrete borders can also serve as weed and grass barriers by outlining plants and flowerbeds. Texas Curb n Borders decorative concrete curbing can be installed around trees, sidewalks, flowerbeds –  anywhere you like.

The visually delightful concrete curbs and borders offered by Texas Curb n Borders will enhance the look and increase the value of any home or business, and they also reduce the amount of time you need to spend trimming around flower beds and curbs. The skilled and experienced professionals at Texas Curb n Borders can make a huge difference for your home or business.

Sugar Land, TX Custom Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, sometimes also called imprinted or textured concrete, replicates finishes such as slate, tile, brick, flagstone, and even wood. Stamped concrete is used for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entryways, courtyards, patios, and concrete floors, and it has emerged as a popular choice for both homeowners and business owners. Why? Because stamped concrete offers so many options for pattern and color choices. Price is another key factor. Stamped concrete almost always costs considerably less than most of the acceptable alternatives.

Concrete is the ideal medium for cost-effective re-creations of more expensive materials without sacrificing a natural look. When you select patterns and colors for your stamped concrete, you will want to be certain that those patterns and colors tastefully complement the other stone, tile, or concrete elements at your home or business. In large and complicated settings – with steps or fountains, for example – patterns can be still be stamped into the concrete. Stamped concrete is also often combined with other decorative concrete elements such as concrete staining.

Sugar Land, TX Custom Concrete Staining

Since 1990, Team Renew has been enhancing the look of concrete with its water-based, non-acid, non-acrylic Concrete Color Stains – offered by Texas Curbs n Borders. Team Renew’s Concrete Color Stains easily fix concrete color problems like discolored, blotched or stained concrete, failed acid-stains, unattractive colors, and more! Team Renew’s Concrete Color Stains offer infinite possibilities for coloring and faux-finishing concrete. If you want to know more, contact us at Texas Curbs n Borders. We can discuss your concrete staining needs, ideas, and options and provide a free estimate.

Team Renew’s Concrete Color Stains come in 80 standard colors, but with the ability to custom match any color you desire, we offer a genuinely unlimited range of color possibilities. Team Renew Concrete Color Stains are entirely opaque, easy to maintain, and do not change the concrete’s texture. And every color is available as a solid color stain or as a transparent color enhancer.