Transforming your home’s landscape, the landscape of your business, or any other property you own, can be as simple as adding a few special touches with borders and curbing. Texas Curb N’ Borders can help!

Concrete curbs and borders are a professionally installed, permanent, and attractive solution for any landscape. Concrete borders can also serve as weed and grass barriers by outlining plants and flowerbeds. Texas Curb N’ Borders decorative concrete curbing can be installed around trees, sidewalks, flowerbeds – anywhere you like.

The visually delightful concrete curbs and borders offered by Texas Curb N’ Borders will enhance the look and increase the value of any home or business, and they also reduce the amount of time you need to spend trimming around flower beds and curbs. The skilled and experienced professionals at Texas Curb N’ Borders can make a huge difference for your home or business.



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1What are the most popular styles?
Our most popular landscape border styles are the “slant” 6x4 and 6x6 curb styles, along with our premium Texas Tuff Stone style. The “slant” style is quite popular because it can be stamped and also textured, and unlike the curb styles, the slant style has a unique ability to hold materials for gardening due to the fact that the front of the curb is not as high as the back. The front is usually set at the same level as the ground to accommodate the wheels of lawn mowers. The 6x4 and 6x6 curb styles are also typically placed at ground level to facilitate lawn mowing. These styles are able to be implemented as simple grey concrete or they can be designed and/or textured as you wish. The 6x6 can be used for curbs as well as a retainer. It is a style used frequently by commercial professions like architects because it can be set deeper into the ground. Additional applications can result in the preservation of gravel and other materials found in walkways and driveways. The Texas Tuff Stone style is our premium style replacing natural stone and offers top tier finishes and function with high resale value!
2What finishes are available?
We offer the most popular finishes including cobblestone, flagstone, and slate, but if you don’t find a custom pattern, style, or color you like, our design specialist can help come up with a design what suits you.
3How long will landscape borders last?
With the proper care, concrete landscape borders will last for the lifetime of your home.
4Are landscape borders popular?
Customized landscape borders are growing in popularity. According to, a leading home remodeling and design website, personalized landscape design is becoming a high priority for those building new homes. In fact, one of three new homeowners expressed the desire to “make my home my own” with a landscape design project.