Texas Curb N’ Borders is proud to offer Team Renew’s full line of concrete color stains.

These water-based, non-acidic, non-acrylic stains enhance the look of concrete and easily fix concrete color problems like discoloration or blotches, failed acid-stains, unattractive colors, and more! The stains are entirely opaque, easy to maintain, and do not change the concrete’s texture. Team Renew’s Concrete Color Stains come in 80 standard colors, but have the ability to be custom mixed, literally creating an unlimited range of color possibilities to match any color you desire. And every color is available as a solid color stain or as a transparent color enhancer.



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1How long does it take to dry?
You can walk on concrete staining installation after only 4 to 8 hours, and you are also able to drive on a stained surface after just 48 hours under perfect conditions. You are able to clean the installation area with a pressure wash after only a week. The one rule you’ll need to remember briefly is to keep the stained surface dry for a minimum of 24 hours after the application.
2How long do Concrete Color Stains last?
The stains are permanent. The staining process penetrates the concrete so that the stain lasts as long as the concrete itself. However, in some locations, the wear and tear of constant traffic and exposure to weather may eventually require a maintenance application. Interior applications that have been sealed or waxed will last much longer.
3Will stamped concrete add value to my home or business?
Concrete Color Stains are compatible with all sealers, but we do not recommend sealing exterior applications. Most people want their colored concrete to look as if it was poured that color, and our stain will turn to a matte finish only a couple of weeks after application. However, if the installation is sealed, the sealer has to be entirely removed prior to any maintenance applications.
4What about concrete with blemishes or different textures?
Solid Color Stains are designed to hide old blemishes, spots, and stains on your concrete. If Texas Curb N’ Borders applies a stain and you are not happy with the final look, a new color can be applied as soon as the first application has dried. The Concrete Color Stain process provides even and consistent color coverage between old and new concrete and concrete patches. In some cases where adjacent areas have different textures, an overlay process might be required. Texas Curb N’ Borders can help you determine which process is right for your existing concrete.